Windows function in different ways – some slide, some tilt, some fold back on themselves. By understanding the different types available and how they work, you can better match windows to your needs, and your lifestyle.

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Awning and Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows can add an elegant, traditional look to your home or apartment. It’s simple to tell the difference – awnings are hung from the top, while casements open from a vertical edge. Both options are practical, easy to use and provide excellent ventilation. Awnings can also be left partly open when it’s raining – so they’re great in winter too.


Sliding Windows


When space is at a premium, or it’s not possible to have a protruding window beyond the building, sliding windows may be the best option. Available as either vertical (double hung) or horizontal, sliding windows create a feeling of space and light. And because they often provide more access to open air than other conventional windows, they also provide increased ventilation.


Bi-fold Windows


Flexible, unobtrusive, and robust, bi-fold windows seamlessly connect the areas in your home, creating a sense of space, light and openness. Whether it’s between two separate rooms, or your indoor and outdoor spaces, a well-placed bi-fold window maximises your available view and increases airflow. In fact, when fully opened, you won’t even notice the window is there at all. It’s a simple way to bring a café-like feel to your living areas.


Louvre Windows


Mixing style and practicality, louvres offer the ultimate in ventilation control. Open them up fully to make the most of a cool summer breeze with an almost unobstructed view, or partially (even during wet weather) to maintain ventilation and help prevent condensation. Best of all, you can clean both sides of a louvre window from inside – especially useful if you live in a multi-story apartment.


Replacement Windows & Doors

Many people don’t consider the window and doors in their home until they’re undertaking a major renovation or a new build. The truth is, by replacing frames in your home now, you could make a real and lasting difference to your property’s value, as well as its liveability.

Aluminium joinery makes an immediate impact on your home’s street appeal (and puts an end to the peeling paint on your windows). And when you incorporate features like double glazing or thermally broken joinery, you can make your home more enjoyable to live in, and lower your energy bills too.

It’s not just a more comfortable way to live; it’s a smart investment too.



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